In the construction sector, rising technical standards and legal requirements lead to a clear increase in the services of architects at the planning and execution levels. Both contractors and clients find themselves exposed to an increased number of interface risks that endanger the successful course of projects. This potential for conflict can be defused: forward-looking legal advice and contract drafting create a safe project basis for all parties.

We offer you advice in all matters concerning agreements with architects, engineers or project managers. You can rely on the construction-related expertise and legal foresight of our experts in architectural law in the negotiation, drafting and reviewing of contracts. We support typical problems such as remuneration and liability issues from the draft agreement to supplementary agreements in a solution-oriented manner. In doing so, we always follow the practical and economic requirements of construction work; we prefer timely avoidance of conflicts and the extrajudicial settlement of conflicts of interest wherever possible. Our firm is authorised for the mediation of construction matters and also represents you in arbitration proceedings in a legal capacity.

Our key services in architectural law

  • Advice on contractual issues, especially on:
  • the formation and termination of the contract,
  • the potential invalidity of the contract, as well as the reviewing of violations against legal provisions
  • the scope of services and precise details of the contract
  • replacement orders
  • Advice on remuneration matters, especially in relation to:
    - remuneration bands and remuneration rates
    - the service phases
    - the arrangement of a flat fee or hourly fee
    - the minimum and maximum rates of the HOAI
    - the chargeable costs of a construction project
    - the possible arrangement of a performance fee
    - all special issues concerning remuneration, especially in the case of planning changes or a rejected planning application
    - the final invoice and maturity of the claim
    - any action for the recovery of fees submitted by the architect
  • Advice on liability issues, including the judicial and extrajudicial representation of architects, engineers, project managers and their liability insurers


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