Contracts are the most frequently occurring legal relationships in day-to-day life. Contract drafting touches on a multitude of legal fields, which is why the tasks in this field of activity are extremely varied. We respond to the legal complexity of this subject matter with the combined knowledge of an interdisciplinary practice group formed of lawyers, specialist lawyers and notaries.

Our expert team is composed of qualified specialists in labour law, construction and architectural law, inheritance law, family law and commercial and company law. Each team member has many years of experience in the drafting and negotiation of all kinds of contracts and brings special expertise to the group. Through continuous training in the fields of law relevant to contract design, our lawyers are always up-to-date on case law.

Even in the case of difficult questions, we are capable of drafting legally binding and most of all feasible contracts - or of reviewing and appropriately tailoring existing contracts for you. With precise and clearly worded contractual terms, negotiating skills and a keen sense of the situation, we help you to avoid conflicts before they arise or successfully fend off unjustified claims.

The 'Contract Drafting' practice group provides advice and represents clients from the private and public sectors. Businesses especially value our legal support in the enforcement of their economic interests as well as in restructuring and succession arrangements.


Key services of the practice group

  • Loan agreements
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Work contracts
  • Purchase agreements, supply agreements and cancellation policies
  • Declarations of division and developer contracts
  • Marriage contracts and divorce settlements
  • Donation agreements and inheritance contracts
  • Wills, powers of attorney, advance directives
  • Articles of association, share purchase agreements and mergers of businesses
  • Commercial Register applications and company certificates of incorporation, especially for the founding of a limited company (GmbH), limited partnership or registration as a sole trader
  • General meetings of publicly traded companies, procuration orders and managing director appointments
  • General terms and conditions



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