Real estate law, construction law and the legal fields associated with these have counted among the core advisory services of our firm for many years. The 'Construction and Real Estate' practice group arose from our in-depth industry knowledge and legal specialisation and covers this topic area in its entirety. With particular expertise in administrative law, we successfully work toward the reconciliation of interests between private and public concerns.

As an involved party, you will benefit from competent legal advice, which will help you to identify and avoid potential project risks at an early stage. Like in the construction industry, experts in different specialist fields work together in our practice group to find the best possible solution for every problem and to make optimal use of knowledge interfaces.

Our specialist lawyers for construction and architectural law, tenancy and residential property law, and architectural law develop sustainable concepts that place construction plans and investments on solid legal footing. All team members have many years of experience with construction projects and real estate transactions, speak the technical language of the clients and give clear advice. Due to the possibility of acting in a legal representative or notarial capacity for you, we can help you in the broad field of real estate law in every respect - and continuously support your project from planning permission to defect management.

Our construction law team represent the entire spectrum of parties involved in the construction sector, including private, commercial and public developers; project developers, property developers and investors; architects, engineers and specialist planners, as well as public authorities and banks.


Key services of the practice group

  • Real estate transactions and real estate financing
  • Renting, leasing and operation of real estate
  • Development and negotiation of rental agreements
  • Commissioning of land charges, mortgage loans, usufruct and housing rights
  • Foreclosure proceedings and enforcement
  • Land transactions and subdivision of plots
  • Drafting, negotiation and reviewing of construction and architect contracts
  • Project development and controlling of construction projects, legal advice accompanying construction
  • Advice on construction planning law including the drafting of development plans, urban development contracts and development agreements
  • Assistance in obtaining planning permissions
  • Real estate-related environmental advice
  • Safeguarding of interests in dealings with public authorities
  • Support in the tendering process, including mediation and arbitration procedures
  • Assessment and enforcement of warranty claims and claims for the correction of faults
  • Defence and enforcement of price reduction claims and claims for damages
  • Settlement of compensation disputes including amendments



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