A major focus of our firm is notarial contract drafting.
Notarial documents are drawn up by us, authenticated or notarised, or even gladly reviewed for you in the case of notarisation done outside of our firm. We are also capable of carrying out notarial contract processing in international border transactions with neighbouring and other European countries, be this in land, inheritance or company law.

Our key services in notarial contract drafting

  • Purchase agreements for property and dwellings
  • Endowments and transfer of ownership agreements
  • Declarations of division and developer contracts
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts as well as divorce settlements
  • Wills, powers of attorney, advance directives
  • Articles of association, share purchase agreements and mergers of businesses
  • Commercial register applications and company certificates of incorporation, especially for the founding of a GmbH, limited partnership or registration of a sole trader
  • General meetings of publicly traded companies, procuration orders and managing director appointments


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