German family law is extremely multifaceted. It regulates all legal relationships that result from marriage or civil partnership, familial or other family relationships, as well as legal representative functions. Family conflicts raise existential questions and often lead to a complete reorientation in life. We find solutions to offer a positive future outlook for our clients and to guarantee their interests over the long-term.

To prevent disputes, the possibility exists to enter contractual arrangements, both for the duration of cohabitation and in the event of separation or divorce. Our notaries, specialist lawyers and experts in family law will advise you in-depth on all aspects of marriage law and child custody law, especially on the drafting of marriage or civil partnership contracts, as well as on issues of custody, maintenance, and property. The declared objective of our advisory services is the maintaining of family peace. We are committed to the personal satisfaction of our clients and ensure financial justice taking into account the parent–child relationship.

Our key services in family law

  • Advice on marriage law, drafting and reviewing of marriage contracts and civil partnership contracts
  • Advice and representation in divorce proceedings
  • Asset disputes, property law proceedings
  • Advice and representation in pension rights adjustment matters
  • Advice on child custody law including interactions and parental care
  • Declarations in child custody law (acknowledgments of paternity, custody declarations, maintenance obligations)
  • Child support and alimony, representation in maintenance proceedings
  • Child custody proceedings
  • Adoption proceedings


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