Ger­man fam­ily law is extremely mul­ti­fa­ceted. It reg­u­lates all leg­al rela­tion­ships that res­ult from mar­riage or civil part­ner­ship, famili­al or oth­er fam­ily rela­tion­ships, as well as leg­al rep­res­ent­at­ive func­tions. Fam­ily con­flicts raise exist­en­tial ques­tions and often lead to a com­plete reori­ent­a­tion in life. We find solu­tions to offer a pos­it­ive future out­look for our cli­ents and to guar­an­tee their interests over the long-term.

To pre­vent dis­putes, the pos­sib­il­ity exists to enter con­trac­tu­al arrange­ments, both for the dur­a­tion of cohab­it­a­tion and in the event of sep­ar­a­tion or divorce. Our not­ary, spe­cial­ist law­yers and experts in fam­ily law will advise you in-depth on all aspects of mar­riage law and child cus­tody law, espe­cially on the draft­ing of mar­riage or civil part­ner­ship con­tracts, as well as on issues of cus­tody, main­ten­ance, and prop­erty. The declared object­ive of our advis­ory ser­vices is the main­tain­ing of fam­ily peace. We are com­mit­ted to the per­son­al sat­is­fac­tion of our cli­ents and ensure fin­an­cial justice tak­ing into account the parent–child relationship.

Our key ser­vices in fam­ily law

  • Advice on mar­riage law, draft­ing and review­ing of mar­riage con­tracts and civil part­ner­ship contracts
  • Advice and rep­res­ent­a­tion in divorce proceedings
  • Asset dis­putes, prop­erty law proceedings
  • Advice and rep­res­ent­a­tion in pen­sion rights adjust­ment matters
  • Advice on child cus­tody law includ­ing inter­ac­tions and par­ent­al care
  • Declar­a­tions in child cus­tody law (acknow­ledg­ments of patern­ity, cus­tody declar­a­tions, main­ten­ance obligations)
  • Child sup­port and ali­mony, rep­res­ent­a­tion in main­ten­ance proceedings
  • Child cus­tody proceedings
  • Adop­tion proceedings


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