The rap­id increase in Inter­net com­merce has heightened the import­ance of com­pet­i­tion law for private individuals.

Our core advis­ory ser­vice lies in the area of law against unfair com­pet­i­tion (Ger­man UWG). Numer­ous con­sumers have already made the “acquaint­ance” of the UWG under the key word “warn­ing”.

We not only point out the leg­al options you have to pro­tect your­self against unjus­ti­fied warn­ings, but also explain to you when you can per­son­ally enforce an injunction.

Our key ser­vices in com­pet­i­tion law

  • Judi­cial enforce­ment of injunc­tions, espe­cially enact­ment and defence of inter­im injunctions
  • Review­ing of com­pet­i­tion law-related actions such as advert­ising, dis­counts, extras or oth­er sales pro­mo­tion measures


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