Tenancy law belongs to the field of civil law and covers all provisions that regulate the relationship between tenant and landlord. Since the vast majority of the German population lives in rented accommodation, tenancy law is a particularly important legal field. It includes a multitude of legal regulations, to which new regulations are constantly being added.

We offer advice to both landlords and tenants on all matters concerning the increasingly complicated legal situation in commercial and private tenancy law. Through specialist lawyer-related specialisation and further training, we know the current rights and obligations of both renting parties, so that we can optimally represent the interests of our clients.

In tenancy law affairs, we always attempt to resolve conflicts in a conciliatory manner and to solve your problem in a time and cost-efficient way. If extrajudicial negotiations should fail, we also assert your claims in court.

Our key services in tenancy law

  • Conclusion of the rental agreement
  • Cancellation of the rental agreement
  • Protection against unwarranted eviction
  • Termination of the rental agreement
  • Settlement of the rental agreement
  • Vacating and surrendering
  • Rent increases
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Running costs
  • Rent reduction in the case of defects
  • Termination of the rental agreement
  • Settlement of the rental agreement
  • Change of the contracting parties


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