We advise and rep­res­ent both insurers and poli­cy­hold­ers in mat­ters arising from insur­ance contracts.

Our key ser­vices in insur­ance law

  • Gen­er­al guidelines of insur­ance con­tract law
  • Liab­il­ity insurance
  • Life and sup­ple­ment­al occu­pa­tion­al dis­ab­il­ity insurance
  • Homeown­ers insurance
  • Fire insur­ance
  • Burg­lary and rob­bery insurance
  • Con­tents insurance
  • Vehicle insur­ance
  • Luggage/travel can­cel­la­tion insurance
  • Pro­fes­sion­al indem­nity insur­ance (law­yers, doc­tors, etc.)
  • Leg­al expenses insurance
  • Acci­dent insurance
  • Health insur­ance


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