Globalisation and digitisation have immensely changed the requirements in trade. Intensified competition, worldwide movement of goods and data, as well as complicated legal frameworks require carefully designed distribution systems and contractual arrangements. We help our clients to compete on the dynamic markets, to act in compliance with the law, and to successfully further develop their business models.

From our day-to-day work, we know the processes in commercial enterprises in many different sectors and identify with the economic objectives of our clients. Our specialist lawyers in commercial and company law are experienced practitioners who are both familiar with the purchase and supply relationships between businesses at different trade levels and with those of end customers.

We support you with competent advice throughout the entire value-added chain, undertake contractual arrangements, assert your claims or defend against unjustified claims. Depending on the issue, our specialised lawyers in antitrust, trademark and competition law, as well as those in IT law and data protection, are happy to be at your disposal.

Our key services in commercial law

  • Advice on the building, expansion and restructuring of distribution systems
  • Drafting and settlement of distribution contracts (agency contracts, distributor agreements, franchise contracts)
  • Licensing agreements, cooperation and quality assurance agreements
  • Procuration and powers of attorney
  • Drafting and reviewing of general terms and conditions, conditions of purchase and terms of delivery
  • Advice and representation in warranty and liability issues
  • Defence against and enforcement of claims (acceptance criteria, liability for defects, product liability, contractual penalties)


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