Civil law governs the legal relationships between private individuals and businesses. Regulations on civil law are notably found in the German Civil Code (BGB). Various special regulations also exist, such as in the German Commercial Code.

We enforce your claims out of court and represent you in judicial proceedings, to obtain a so-called title (such as a ruling). In cases of foreclosure, we help you to successfully enforce legally established claims.

Our key services in civil law

  • Right to impose contractual and legal obligations, especially general contract law, sales law and work and services contract law
  • Right to claim for compensation in rights violations arising from unlawful action (in the case of damage by third parties)
  • Right to the return of assets (unjustified enrichment, claims for surrender of ownership, etc.)
  • Claims for the removal or omission of damages (such as in the case of defamation or neighbour law)


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