Our notaries Dr. Thilo Wagner and Tobias Huber are available to assist you and your contracting partners as impartial advisors for notarisations and certifications of all kinds.

As the holder of a public office, the notary  is obligated to observe absolute neutrality with respect to all contracting parties. The notary may not advise any contracting party to his or her advantage or act as lawyer in the legal matter concerned. The notary fees to be levied are regulated to be uniform across Germany by the German Act on Court and Notary Fees, and no cost agreements that deviate from this are allowed.

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Partner, lawyer and notary

Labour law
Inheritance law

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Partner, lawyer and notary


Each notary is assisted by a highly qualified team that ensures the swift and smooth processing of the transactions.

The notary Dr. Thilo Wagner is regularly represented by the lawyer Ms. Simone Schühle as his deputy notary in the event of his absence. The notary Tobias Huber is regularly represented by the lawyer Ms. Dieterich-Schuhmacher, Deputy Civil Law Notary for Württemberg Michaela Birli and Deputy Civil Law Notary for Württemberg Andrea Ostertag and his deputy notaries.

The deputy notaries support the notary in his entire execution of duties.

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Lawyer and deputy notary

Inheritance law

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Deputy Civil Law Notary for Württemberg

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Partner, lawyer and deputy notary

Family law

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Deputy Civil Law Notary for Württemberg

You need some notarial forms? Just follow the button and download the .pdf-files.


Our notaries advise and support you—as a business, business owner or private individual—comprehensively in all legal transactions requiring notarisation or certification. At our firm, you will be looked after by a competent team that will swiftly process your notarial affairs and gladly assist you with any questions.

Our notarial services include comprehensive legal advice and support of all contracting partners. In this way, we ensure that the intentions of all parties involved are appropriately accommodated in the contractual document. As a neutral intermediary for the interests of the contracting parties, it is the job of the notary to preempt disputes through suitable drafting of contracts and clear wording. We consider the intent and purpose of our notarial activity to be the satisfactory resolution of legal problems and the creation of draft contracts ready for signing, even in complex cases.