Hardly any legal field is currently subjected to as many changes as banking law. The speed of the digital revolution hasn't stopped at the financial system. New transaction technologies and stricter regulations keep financial service providers on their toes. Consumers are faced with increasingly complex financial issues and products. And the legal challenges grow especially for businesses active on the capital market.

We advise banks, savings banks, independent investment advisors and investment brokers on all matters concerning banking law, be these regulatory, organisational or operational issues. As a private individual, we support you in the processing and guarantee of loans, or by reviewing claims for damages in the case of illicit investment advice. Our solicitors in banking and capital market law assist you with effective solutions; from extrajudicial negotiation up to representation in lawsuits.

Our key services in banking and capital market law

  • Matters of collateral for loans (land charges, mortgages, guarantees, etc.)
  • Settlement of payments (cheque transactions, EC cards, Internet banking, credit cards, credit transfers, etc.)
  • Types of loans and loan agreements
  • General terms and conditions of banks
  • Problems with investment advice, including obligations to provide clarification and information
  • Settlement of failed investments


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