Hardly any leg­al field is cur­rently sub­jec­ted to as many changes as bank­ing law. The speed of the digit­al revolu­tion has­n’t stopped at the fin­an­cial sys­tem. New trans­ac­tion tech­no­lo­gies and stricter reg­u­la­tions keep fin­an­cial ser­vice pro­viders on their toes. Con­sumers are faced with increas­ingly com­plex fin­an­cial issues and products. And the leg­al chal­lenges grow espe­cially for busi­nesses act­ive on the cap­it­al market.

We advise banks, sav­ings banks, inde­pend­ent invest­ment advisors and invest­ment brokers on all mat­ters con­cern­ing bank­ing law, be these reg­u­lat­ory, organ­isa­tion­al or oper­a­tion­al issues. As a private indi­vidu­al, we sup­port you in the pro­cessing and guar­an­tee of loans, or by review­ing claims for dam­ages in the case of illi­cit invest­ment advice. Our soli­cit­ors in bank­ing and cap­it­al mar­ket law assist you with effect­ive solu­tions; from extraju­di­cial nego­ti­ation up to rep­res­ent­a­tion in lawsuits.

Our key ser­vices in bank­ing and cap­it­al mar­ket law

  • Mat­ters of col­lat­er­al for loans (land charges, mort­gages, guar­an­tees, etc.)
  • Set­tle­ment of pay­ments (cheque trans­ac­tions, EC cards, Inter­net bank­ing, cred­it cards, cred­it trans­fers, etc.)
  • Types of loans and loan agreements
  • Gen­er­al terms and con­di­tions of banks
  • Prob­lems with invest­ment advice, includ­ing oblig­a­tions to provide cla­ri­fic­a­tion and information
  • Set­tle­ment of failed investments


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Bank­ing and cap­it­al mar­ket law
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