Timely settlement of matters of inheritance is the best prerequisite for the peaceful coexistence of the bereaved parties. German inheritance law offers numerous possibilities to adhere to the last will and to individually determine hereditary succession, which the subject matter already makes extremely complex. When special living conditions and financial circumstances are added into the mix, inheritance law issues are almost impossible to resolve without specialist legal knowledge.

Our specialist lawyers in inheritance law and family law offer you competent and compassionate advice on all aspects of asset and company succession. If legal hereditary succession should lead to undesired results, we will develop a tailor-made strategy with you for the transfer of assets during the person's lifetime or in the event or death. Our notaries will design on request the appropriate orders or will review existing wills and inheritance contracts for their effectiveness. As an objective mediator, we will support you with internal family communication and will contribute to the avoidance or swift resolution of inheritance disputes. You can also rely on our competent support in the administration of estates.

Our key services in inheritance law

  • Drafting and reviewing of testamentary dispositions (wills, inheritance contracts)
  • Anticipated hereditary succession, drafting of donation agreements
  • Advice on succession and succession planning
  • Clarification and drafting of international private law-related succession issues
  • Advance directives and living wills
  • Support with applications for certificates of inheritance and negotiations for certificates of inheritance, representation in certificate of inheritance proceedings
  • Enforcement or rebuttal of claims to legal portions of inheritance, drafting of contracts for the relinquishment of inheritance
  • Help with the administration of estates, creation of estate records
  • Estate settlements and execution of wills, drafting of estate settlement contracts
  • Extrajudicial and judicial representation in inheritance disputes


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