Company law-related matters, such as those that arise in the founding, reorganisation and dissolution of businesses, have long played a central role in our day-to-day counselling practice. Experience makes the difference: processes in business development are complex and require special knowledge of both the legal and economic relationships.

Through specialist lawyer-related specialisation in commercial and company law, as well as further relevant legal fields, you are in good hands with us as a business owner in every respect. Our firm fully supports you in all legal matters of business development and operational day-to-day business. We represent you both extrajudicially and in judicial proceedings.

We have particular expertise in the area of transformation law, such as in regard to matters of tax-neutral changes in legal form from a partnership to an incorporated company or the reverse. Likewise in the case of mergers of incorporated companies and partnerships and all legal transactions associated with these. We also offer you advice on matters of representation of a company as well as the liability of corporate bodies.

We even support you in the purchase and sale of commercial transactions, businesses and shareholdings, as well as in the procurement of capital. We are also happy to assist you in Commercial Register registration and deregistration formalities.

Our key services in company law

  • Advice on choice of legal structure and company incorporation
  • Advice on structuring matters related to incorporated companies (GmbH, AG) and partnerships (GbR, StGes, OHG, KG)
  • Assistance in processes of transformation (restructuring and reorganisation through mergers, splitting, changes in legal form or transfer of assets)
  • Amendments to bylaws
  • Notarisation of shareholder resolutions
  • Advice on capital measures and initial public offerings, acquisition and divestiture of company shares
  • Liquidation and dissolution of the company
  • Registration in the Commercial Register and Register of Associations
  • Commercial Register powers of attorney


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